Be Gentle!


Well I’ve gone and taken the plunge to write the FTLOY blog… I’ll warn you now, it will be no doubt full of spelling mishaps, grammatical errors and generally be an editors nightmare! However, it will be full of yummy yarn, pretty hooks, awesome notions, giveaways, pattern links and general loveliness… so we can forgive the bad typos right?

I have always wanted to write a blog. I have notebooks filled to bursting with my thoughts, ideas, doodles… so what better way to showcase these with other like minded folk. So please bear with me while I find my feet.

Running For the Love of Yarn takes up a lot of my time, in actual fact I don’t think I am ever not working… I’m either dyeing yummy lovely yarn, smooshing (yes thats a real word) clay to create beautiful hooks, ordering goodies, packing orders, winding yarn, creating gift boxes etc… the list is pretty much endless, but if I’m not actually ‘doing’ something work related you can guarantee I am thinking about work. This would sound like a nightmare for some people, never having the ability to actually switch off from work, however for me it is pure joy!

After working as a graphic designer for over 15 years the change of direction to running FTLOY has been a welcomed with open arms… no more are the nights working away in front of a screen speaking to not a sole for weeks while I worked on designs, stressing over deadlines, concepts and some clients unreasonable requests, now I interact with a wealth of lovely people every day. I have made endless friends that have become very close friends I have to say. Although I haven’t given up designing completely by any means, I still keep it going as a side line because as my Father says “I’m arty farty” so it’s in my soul! But I have certainly focused my attention more on FTLOY and it has grown and grown, from what started out as a hobby, creating ergonomic hooks for people who struggle with joint issues, to what it is now! AND I LOVE IT!

The creative industry is an amazing place to be, the sheer volume of talented individuals out there astounds me! Creative people are by nature “sharers” as I like to call them, loving nothing better than to show you what they have been working on, getting excited when that project they have been creating is nearly complete, or even better they have just finished it! Each person bringing something new to the game…. and if your lucky enough those people become friends and share that joy with you.

So this blog will be a showcase of just that! Not only will I share with you what I’ve been working on, but also the work of other talented like minded folk… so what’s not to love right? … So while I put together my first ‘real’ blog post I ask you to be patient and forgive the oodles of errors I’m sure I’ll make along the way.

Happy hooking

love Lisa 🙂 x


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