New year… Better me!

Well Hello everyone,

I decided to start a blog for FTLOY last year… I managed one post then life got.. well in the way! So I’ve decluttered, regrouped and I’m owning 2016… who’s with me? So as part of that I’m determined to blog more and do what I said I wanted to do last year!

So where shall I start? Well I suppose I really should start by introducing my new workbooks as this is where the inspiration for this year is coming from! For those of you who don’t know I am a massive Leonie Dawson fan, she is a business guru, earth momma and well a bit of a hippy, but what she says counts! You can find out more about her here she has created the most amazing workbooks to help you channel and refocus and achieve what you want in the year ahead.

Yes yes I know it all sounds very airy fairy and tree hugger style but let me tell you it works! Whether your goals are simple like ‘declutter the house’ or huge like ‘earn £million’ the point is that you make your goals, write them down, become accountable, and make them happen!!

My workbooks arrived a little while ago and I’m slowly but surely working through them, they are beautifully presented which suits me down to the ground as it appeals to my ‘arty farty’ side… heres a sneak peak12246811_953721744685877_3109835143845281702_n

I ordered both the life and business workbooks, the planner (which is amazing!!), the to do list pads and wall planner… yes I’m a little obsessed but hey I’m a stationery geek!..I love these that much that I actually became an affiliate – which basically means I tell people how fab they are, if they buy one I receive a few pennies, so i’ve decided any affiliate money I receive will be donated to as some of you know our wee boy suffers with 2 life long chronic conditions and spends too many of his days at the hospital, the work they do for children is amazing so it only seems right the pennies should go there.

So go check it out… you won’t be sorry.. remember to use this link so yorkhill receives a few pennies if you do succumb to the temptation

Ok so thats all for now lovely people… next blog post will be about new clubs launching this month so keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page for that

Love Lisa xx


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