Girly Day out!


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We are off to smoosh!

Today was a much needed chill out day with the lovely Phyllis of Rosebuds and Rainbows, we were off for a girly day to smoosh all the yarn at Edinburgh yarn festival . Those of you who don’t know I am based in bonny Scotland, Glasgow to be precise, and with most yarn related festivals being down south we were very excited to have one on our doorstep! Sadly we were both put on the waiting list of exhibitors as the event was so popular but that in actual fact worked in our favour as we were able to go along as visitors and really get a chance to smoosh and ooo and ahhh over all the lovelies without the stress of exhibiting.

So here is a wee recap of the festival for those of you who didn’t make it along! Edinburgh Yarn festival is held in the Corn Exchange, a beautiful building tucked away on the outskirt of the city, so close enough for transport but far enough out to not be too swamped with tourists and the hustle and bustle of the main city. The event was well organised and everything ran relatively smoothly. My only critique was that all the vendors were very much knitting focused… in fact me and Phyllis found one solitary crochet booth! which made me a little sad but there was plenty of yarn to soon cheer us up!

So who was our favourite I hear you ask? … well how long have you got? There was far too many to choose, from the fabulous Spin City through to my all time fav Easy Knit we had a ball chatting and networking with everyone. I met so many fantastic people, people like Victoria from Eden Cottage Yarns, Coop knits, Skein Queen, Janie Crow, The Yarn Garden… the list goes on and on… I would suggest having a look at the list of vendors if I was you as there was so many good ones!

So time for some pictures because lets face it thats what we all want to see isn’t it…

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There is sooooo much more I could have taken pictures of but I was a little pre-occupied with all the yarny loveliness!! It really was a fab day… what did I buy? well I sadly only made one solitary purchase and that wasn’t because I didn’t see anything I liked… far from it… but as an indie dyer with a studio full of yarn I think my hubby would have had something to say if I came back laden with more lol… so I bought some absolutely stunning hand spun yarn from the fabulous Louise from Spin City! Louise is a lovely girl I first met at Yarndale when we were exhibiting last year, she’s a beautiful fibre artist who if you don’t know about then you really should! Go check her out!

The beautiful Louise from Spin City

I bought this stunning yarn and immediately cast on a cowl as soon as I got home! doesn’t it remind you of mermaids!!!!


And lastly but certainly not least … I got chatting to Easy Knits… my all time favourite indie dyer! Imagine my excitement when he told me that he too was a graphic designer just like little old me and that he worked in the magazine industry! Again just like me!… so I couldn’t help but get a pic of us together… The fact that he had his wip in his sporran had nothing to do with it what so ever of course! lol


So there we had it! A fabulous day out, oodles of noodles of squishy yummy yarn, amazing company, and the weather even behaved … which is no mean feat for Scotland! So those of you thinking about going next year then make sure you do! Its a fantastic event.

Bye for now 😉 Happy Hooking!

Love Lisa xx


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