Wonder wonder Wonderwool !

We set off at 5am!! yes that the other 5 o’clock most of us never see…. we were on our way to Wales, by we I mean me and the lovely Phyllis from Rosebuds and Rainbows, which is no mean feat from bonny Glasgow – it was 8 hours to be precise! Anyone who ever says we are not dedicated to our craft is wrong lol. Car jam packed with goodies Wonderwool here we come!

This is what 7:30am looks like from service station stop number one 😉

Having never exhibited at Wonderwool before, or even visited in fact, to say I was excited was a bit of an understatement! So I thought I’d give you a wee run down of our weekend for those of you who either didn’t make it along or have never been, to give you an idea of the type of show it is.

Wonderwel is a lovely show dedicated to all things yarn/fibre/sheep/knitting/crochet/spinning…. you name it it was there. Lots and lots of lovely stalls filled to bursting with everything us Yarn Addicts need… it was a bit yummy! Not that I got to see much of it mind you as I was firmly planted on our stall chatting with lots of lovely people who came to say hi. After our very long and tiring journey down it took us a good while to set up (mainly because the screwdriver we had for our grid wall was next to useless but thats another story) but once I had finished moving stuff from one place to another only to then put it back we were done! Set up good to go …. well apart from having to then pitch a tent for us to sleep in on site lol. – yes we camped! well in actual fact I say camped but after we attempted to sleep (none was had) in a tent in minus degrees weather where there was ice on the outside of your tent!!! We finally relented and bought a duvet the next day and slept in the 7 seater car lol…. so we semi camped in my book!


All set up and ready to do this!

I was quite happy with how we had set up our stall but boy did I learn some lessons along the way… like make sure your screwdriver fits between your grid wall bars, and to pack EVERYTHING …. yes Lisa you needed that hole punch you said you wouldn;t have a need for (queue me running to find a steward to beg steal or borrow a hole punch from)

That is a very good point in fact, Wonderwool is an amazing show in terms of staff! The stewards were such a lovely bunch, very helpful and friendly.

The show itself was great, not too frantic like other shows (Yarndale for instance) enough people to make it a great show but not too many that you couldn’t stop to chat to everyone, which lets face it is why I go to shows! I predominately want to chat to you all, hear about what your working on, see how your FTLOY purchases are working up. Being a mainly online business makes it a lonely one sometimes so shows are sometime the only chance we get to put names to faces and really interact with all you lovely lot!

I did manage to steal away while the ever lovely Phyllis manned the fort to get some pictures to show you all… i’ve popped them into this wee slideshow. I could have taken many many more but much like every other show I was distracted by the squishy things.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of my favourite stalls was The crochet project because I was very excited to see Kat and Joannes new book! I’ve known Kat for a while and have always loved the stuff her and Joanne create. I managed to grab Kat for 5 mins to talk shop and to grab a pic! i’m not a scary stalker, she really is that lovely that she’s happy to pose on queue for the mad red headed jock!

Excuse the very tired face of myself, This is me and Kat…. zero sleep in minus degrees whilst camping will do that!

Not only did I manage to chat to Kat, I also got to finally meet the lovely Verity from Truly Hooked who was just so lovely! I’m now the proud owner of a set of TH badges that are going on my WIP bag.

I could go on and on about all the lovely stalls and the people we met but I have prattled on for long enough – we had a fantastic weekend, albeit we froze to death! but learnt our lesson… more layers! many more layers!… Those of you who were thinking of making a weekend out of it and popping down to Wales for the event, then I can highly recommend it. Especially if you just live for your Love of Yarn… see what I did there! lol – i’ll leave you with this view, we actually stopped our car to grab this shot on our way home, I have an almighty fear of heights and this was taken after we drove round what can only be described as a cliff face! yes i was green… as green as this grass, and I was driving like a pensioner – sorry to all those behind the mad Glaswegian driving through the Valley.


Bye for now – and happy hooking, Lisa x


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