Contractors! Enough said

Well after promising myself that I would keep up the blog, meticulously planning to include lots of the ideas I wanted to do, I even have a designated notebook…. well yeah that all went to plan didn’t it… lol nope! But rather that be hard on myself I’m acknowledging the fact that in actual fact i’m not Wonder Women 😉 I do try to be everything for everybody but at times that means I fall short of things that I have promised myself.

This last while has been tough, for many reasons but business wise its been mainly due to the fact that the landlord for our studio had to move us to other premises. We had 24 hours notice to pack up the entire studio and ship everything into to storage until our new studio could be set up… and by set up I mean built! Yes we actually had to build walls, plumb in sinks, the whole 9 yards, is it finished I hear you ask? No! We moved out of the old studio in November and we are still not set up in the new one, even though we have been promised week on week we were nearly there. Note to self, never believe a contractor when he says “it won’t take long”

This is our new studio, doesn’t look like much does it but that’s actually nearly 2 months work!

We nearly have a wet room where all the magic will happen 🙂 just a bit more tweaking to do with the layout then we can get all the equipment back in and we should be good to go. Right now it looks awful, like I can never imagine myself working there in a million years but i’m trying to stay strong and focused on the end result… which lets face it, looking at it right now is no mean task.

So we are hoping to be completed by the beginning of January … so in contractors terms that means mid to end of January! See im learning 😉 I actually cant wait to get back to some resemblance of order! We are currently trying our best to juggle work and home life together in one tiny two bed house, for those of you that know me will know that I have three kids so yes i’ll leave you to do that math! We are thankfully a very close family, probably through necessity rather than choice lol! But yes we are very close, you will often find us all snuggled on one chair or area of the couch watching movies so that has helped greatly but it has still been a tough ask to live in a house full to bursting with business stock and equipment, running back and forth to the storage unit to retrieve items just to start a days work and fulfil orders. Our kids through it all, on the whole, have been great it has to be said! There have been a few grumbles and a few moans but mainly they have taken the chaos in their stride.

So with it now being Christmas time, and the added toy store explosion that appeared in my house, im very much looking forward to organising, assembling, and restructuring the studio in the New Year. I have decided that now is a good time to change up a few things, make things a little less manic and a little more streamlined…. I say i’m going to try because again those of you that know me will know that my life is built very much on chaos and stress, I would say that if I don’t have something to be stressed about I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. That being said I think my Doctor would argue the point on that one 😉

So that is you guys up to date for now, I could prattle on for hours more but I would only bore you, I will say this though, 2017 is hopefully going to see some changes in FTLOY, I have so many new ideas and things I want to share with you all, but for now I will just keep on swimming as Dory would say. 
Lots of love, and Happy Christmas/holidays/season whatever your beliefs enjoy each other.

Lisa xx


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