Who is FTLOY?



Hello fellow yarn addicts… Do you find yourself squishing yarn just because its oh so soft? and rather than use it you keep it in your stash for that “special” project? well then you sound like me!… heres my story.

Little ole’me x

My name is Lisa and about 4 or 5 years ago… I can’t quite remember… I learnt to crochet. I had had our first child Callum and was a full time self employed graphic designer, and I remember talking to my neighbour about looking for a hobby that was ‘for me’, something that wasn’t because I was a mummy! Don’t get me wrong my children are, and always will be, the be all and end all for me, but conscious of falling with a touch of PND I knew I had to find something just for me – my neighbour suggested crochet and immediately came round with a spare hook and some yarn and well what do you know I was hooked!! literally!

It became my go to happy place, which is actually quite funny considering the amount of swearing and throwing of said hook I did in the early days! But I soon got the knack and was well on my way with various wips and building a quite substantial yarn stash!

Seeing and feeling the benefits of crochet in terms of how it helped me with stress, and helped me to relax , my thoughts started to lean towards others… could I help other people feel the benefits this wonderful craft has to offer? My mother suffers with chronic Rheumatoid and Osteo arthritis which means she couldn’t hold a hook if she tried, so I thought to myself there has to be a way I can put a handle on a normal hook to help her…. and before long the very first FTLOY hook was born! I was so proud of it, when I look back now it wasn’t all that perfect at all but it suited the purpose down to a tee! I soon developed the handles further and perfected my skills with polymer clay and I soon had a range of different styles 🙂

Just some of the FTLOY range


I distributed my hooks to arthritis clinics here in Scotland and the feedback was amazing! I was so chuffed that I was helping people help themselves through the medium of crochet. It has been well documented that knitting and crochet aids healing and relaxation for people who suffer chronic illness, it has also been known to help people with memory issues, and other longterm health complaints. So For the Love of Yarn was born! and it started with just one hook…. would I change it? Nope not one bit. I love it!

FTLOY has of course grown since the early days, hand dyed yarns soon made an apperance, because lets face it I was never going to be happy just making hooks! lol, my Dad has always called me “arty farty” and he’s right!  Other notions like handmade stitch markers, blocking pins and buttons have crept in too, along with other things, and I can proudly say that I make them all myself. 98% of what we sell will have been created by yours truly and that makes me very proud. We recently moved to a designated studio space, so we now have lots of room to develop further ranges and trial new ideas, and I now not only have the help of my ever suffering hubby (he hates when he sees the flash of inspiration in my eyes because it enviably means work for him 😉 ) but I also have an assistant who is worth her weight in gold on club packaging weeks!


FTLOY has become so much more than a small creative business, it is truly a job I wake up happy to be part of! My customers are frankly the best people I have had the pleasure of meeting, always going above and beyond to help people where they can whether that be through charity work or just commenting in the customer facebook group…. I am truly blessed, but thats a post for another day! I just wanted to give you a wee snapshot of who I am and where I came from…. I have many many plans for FTLOY so keep checking back regularly too see what we are up to.

Find us on facebook: For the love of yarn  or view the shop over on Etsy: Shop now

Bye for now, and Happy Hooking

Love Lisa




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