Contractors! Enough said

Well after promising myself that I would keep up the blog, meticulously planning to include lots of the ideas I wanted to do, I even have a designated notebook…. well yeah that all went to plan didn’t it… lol nope! But rather that be hard on myself I’m acknowledging the fact that in actual fact i’m not Wonder Women 😉 I do try to be everything for everybody but at times that means I fall short of things that I have promised myself.

This last while has been tough, for many reasons but business wise its been mainly due to the fact that the landlord for our studio had to move us to other premises. We had 24 hours notice to pack up the entire studio and ship everything into to storage until our new studio could be set up… and by set up I mean built! Yes we actually had to build walls, plumb in sinks, the whole 9 yards, is it finished I hear you ask? No! We moved out of the old studio in November and we are still not set up in the new one, even though we have been promised week on week we were nearly there. Note to self, never believe a contractor when he says “it won’t take long”

This is our new studio, doesn’t look like much does it but that’s actually nearly 2 months work!

We nearly have a wet room where all the magic will happen 🙂 just a bit more tweaking to do with the layout then we can get all the equipment back in and we should be good to go. Right now it looks awful, like I can never imagine myself working there in a million years but i’m trying to stay strong and focused on the end result… which lets face it, looking at it right now is no mean task.

So we are hoping to be completed by the beginning of January … so in contractors terms that means mid to end of January! See im learning 😉 I actually cant wait to get back to some resemblance of order! We are currently trying our best to juggle work and home life together in one tiny two bed house, for those of you that know me will know that I have three kids so yes i’ll leave you to do that math! We are thankfully a very close family, probably through necessity rather than choice lol! But yes we are very close, you will often find us all snuggled on one chair or area of the couch watching movies so that has helped greatly but it has still been a tough ask to live in a house full to bursting with business stock and equipment, running back and forth to the storage unit to retrieve items just to start a days work and fulfil orders. Our kids through it all, on the whole, have been great it has to be said! There have been a few grumbles and a few moans but mainly they have taken the chaos in their stride.

So with it now being Christmas time, and the added toy store explosion that appeared in my house, im very much looking forward to organising, assembling, and restructuring the studio in the New Year. I have decided that now is a good time to change up a few things, make things a little less manic and a little more streamlined…. I say i’m going to try because again those of you that know me will know that my life is built very much on chaos and stress, I would say that if I don’t have something to be stressed about I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. That being said I think my Doctor would argue the point on that one 😉

So that is you guys up to date for now, I could prattle on for hours more but I would only bore you, I will say this though, 2017 is hopefully going to see some changes in FTLOY, I have so many new ideas and things I want to share with you all, but for now I will just keep on swimming as Dory would say. 
Lots of love, and Happy Christmas/holidays/season whatever your beliefs enjoy each other.

Lisa xx

Show prep! 

I thought I would give you guys a little insight into part of the FTLOY working routine, a snapshot into one element of the business if you will, that element being shows!

I remember the first show I ever did and remember being utterly terrified! I think in the run up to the show I was lucky if I got any sleep due to worrying! What I didn’t know at the time was that it would be a baptism of fire because our first show was the first ever Yarndale… Yes silly old me thought that would be a good way to dip our toes into exhibiting at fibre and wool exhibitions! What I now know is that show has actually became one of the bigger shows in the event calendar and really wasn’t the best one to start out with!

One half of our first tiny pen at yarn dale…. oh how things have changed… and look at how tiny the smalls were!

The one thing that stuck with me from our first experience was that people are genuinely amazing! Yes, yes, soppy as it may sound, but when your business is ran predominately from behind a screen it’s hard to truly feel that level of genuine enthusiasm! And that’s our sole purpose of doing the shows right there in a nutshell! We want to meet our customers, put faces to names and get to know you all better.

So after our first show, which by the way was a resounding success! I wanted to do more! So we planned to be involved in as many shows as we could fit in…. That might have been an error on my part as I scheduled fibre east, then the British wool show without really looking at the calender, then realised that they were in actual fact four days apart!! Oops!

So that brings me nicely to what is expected before a show, the run up to the exhibition. To set a scene in your head, think mad chaos, thousands of post-it notes, and sheets upon sheets of yarn labels, not to mention the thousands of skeins of yarn you have frantically dyed “just incase we don’t have enough” I am a worrier, there I said it! I am not happy unless there is something to I worry about my OH likes to say.

Basically a yarn exhibition or show is just that … come and show everyone what you do, what do you sell? Who are you? Chance to reach out and speak to real individuals. So we pack up the entire studio… literally! That is no mean feat let me tell you, because as you know FTLOY is just little old me doing all the making, I have an assistant to help with other parts of the business but when it actually comes to dyeing yarn or making hooks, stitch markers, designing packaging…. thats all me! So in the run up to the show you can imagine how much extra workload there can be.

I dye a silly amount of extra yarn – exclusive show colour ways that don’t appear in our regular shop updates. So the studio tends to look like a bombsight of wet and dry yarn, skeined and unskeined, labelled and still to be labelled … literally everywhere! And yes I dye each and every skein myself. I think on last count the most I dyed in one day was 11 kilos. I also like to make sure there is a sample of every product I have under my belt, and the list goes as follows:

  • Yarn – hand dyed of course!
  • Hand painted sock blanks.
  • Polymer clay handled ergonomic crochet hooks – about 10+ different styles and counting.
  • Stitch markers – hand made by moi!
  • Fibre – hand dyed again… what else!
  • Kits – all sorts from cowls to fingerless gloves and everything in between.
  • The yarn lovers colouring book – that was a labour of love! I drew 20 illustrations for that one.
  • Other products – that covers things like the blocking pins, pin cushions, mugs, notebooks, and more.
Just some of the ftloy hook range

Listing it all like that makes me nervous in one sense because as I type this we have 4 days left before another show! (Shuuuuussssssh if we don’t check the list it will all be ok ) but also very proud that looking back to our very first show where we had a few baskets full of yarn and a few ranges of hooks to now where the list is ever growing!

To give you a comparison this was our set up at the last Yarndale, and then also Wonderwool where you can see the full blog post about that here

And thats only one side of the stall!
This looks lovely and cozy but trust me it was freezing! lol

So once all the show stock has been made, it all gets packed up and we shoehorn it either in our 7 seater, or we hire a van… and we head off to wherever the show may be. Sometimes we camp on the show site – which is never a good idea if I’m honest… lets face it us city girls are just no good at that! well this city girl certainly isn’t, queue me driving to find the nearest shop to buy a duvet at the last show lol! yep we froze! literally!

Then normally the shows are over a 3 day period, starting early on the friday to drive down,  and set up – and because we are based in Glasgow and most shows are south of the border that early start is normally the wrong 5’clock of the day! and finishing up very very late on the Sunday after we have finished the show and packed up the stall to start the long drive home.

So why put ourselves through all that I hear you wonder… “what just for 2 days” people have said in the past… well I’ll tell you, thats because over those two days we meet the most amazing people, get to hug those long time customers who up until that point have been a name on a screen, we get to watch your sheer excitement when you buy a new hook in the perfect colour or design, or how happy you are when you squish that skein of yarn you have picked out just for you! Yep call me a soppy old git but thats it! I do it for that reason, because otherwise I would loose the element of the business that made me start doing it in the first place…. making other people happy!

And on that note I’ll leave you there as I say our next show Fibre east is only 4 days away and that to do list isn’t getting any shorter… in fact I’m sure its growing!

Happy hooking folks 🙂

Love Lisa xx

Creating a corner for me!

Hey guys 🙂 ok so I have been very disorganised about keeping up with the blog I will admit! I have been very “cluttered” in life in general in actual fact! almost to the point that I can’t see the wood for the trees – or should that be I can’t see the colourways for the piles of yarn at every turn!…. whatever you know what I mean! lol

I have been letting “life” get on top of me of late, I think the recent health scare I went through ( maybe i’ll blog about that at a later date, but not yet) hit me harder than I was willing to admit… who knows… all I know is that life has all of a sudden became “hard”. By hard I mean, yes I have three beautiful babies that mean the world to me, but I don’t seem to be coping with them, the house, running the business, having time to spend with my better half, … the list goes on, and by not coping I mean I am normally able to just get on with it – whatever life throws at me I’ve been able to think “well time to pull up the big girl knickers and do this” but lately I’ve found myself having panic attacks, my excema has flared so badly its unbearable, I seem to be achieving the bare minimum in a day and still being exhausted at the end of it.

So last weekend was kind of a breaking point, nothing major happened to tip me over the edge, but I physically felt myself loosing it…. so it was time to sort this out! After a long chat with my better half, and I mean that in every sense of the word – he is my rock! he doesn’t stand for any of my nonsense, he tells me it straight, and that exactly what this girl needs – and he did just that! We chatted, discussed, debated … whatever you want to call it, but I aired my feelings and frustrations and we came up with a plan! Seeing as it is the school holidays here in bonny Scotia things will appear harder he said, “You have gone from having one small to contend with during school hours to three” that on top of everything else means you need to be clever with what needs to get done. He was of course right! but shuuuush we won’t be telling him that lol.

I make it sound like having three smalls to look after and run a business and a home is an impossible task – of course it isn’t! Am I blessed? My goodness YES! I adore my babies, my life, my man, my business… I love it all, but I have to acknowledge the fact that as much as I refuse to believe it, I’m not wonder women. Even wonder women had to have bad days right? So with that said I decided what I needed was a space in the house that was mine – a little nook to call my own, make pretty, and be creative in! And thats when it dawned on me… that there is the bones of it…. I was feeling “uncreative” and that’s not a feeling I enjoy.

Coming from a creative background means you don’t just switch that off, creative people see things that other folk just don’t, we have a need to be artistic and create things…. that was something me and hubby discussed in actual fact, I told him things that are important to me are not important to him – his answer to that was “well some of the things you worry about are just plain stupid” so in actual fact he proved my point right there! My concerns baffle him at times – things like “the washi tape on that packaging doesn’t go with that tissue paper” to him that is ludicrous, to me it was detrimental that it had to match before I would send it! Yes I really am that anal! I was getting overwhelmed with what I wanted to achieve and not having the resources, space or time to do them. Part of me feels guilty for feeling like that, that I should be thankful for what I do have! I mean I have a lot more than a lot of folk do, I have my health (kind of lol) my babies, a man who love me… and here I am loosing control because there is not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to. Am I spoilt? Yes I would say I am – I have a lovely big studio to dye yarn in to my hearts content, unfortunately though that studio is a drive away, and having three smalls makes getting there tricky at times so I juggle work between there and at home, I just juggle the workload – mostly working late into the night as and when the smalls dictate they need momma during sociable hours. I’m certainly not moaning about that fact, I chose this life and i’m very happy with my lot…. I was just feeling “trapped”

Is there a point to this blog post I hear you ask… well yes! part of it is therapeutic for me… getting it out clears my mind, but also I wanted to let you in, let you in to a part of me I don’t often share – the vulnerable part of me ( she doesn’t come out often, but when she does its normally major) and also to show you how I fixed it, because I think you’ll like it.

So getting back to carving out a space for me, we live in the tiniest of 2 bed houses, yes count them 2 bedrooms! yep we have three children!! i’ll leave you to do the math… so space is at a premium, that being said my better half came to my rescue yet again! We popped over to trusty Ikea and bought me a little desk – nothing special, just a basic desk with drawers and a cupboard space, and bless him he stayed up late and built said desk for me and we tucked it in at the end of our bed in our room. I was ecstatic! I could already imagine the creations I was going to come up with sat right there! He put up a shelf for me to tidily store business bits for when I’m working at home so I didn’t have to go hunting every time I needed a roll of sellotape or a yarn wrap! Then he left me to make it pretty!


I had a ball hanging some of the recent watercolours I had done, yarn related of course! and designing some of my favourite inspirational quotes to put up to keep my mind focused and on track – one of those is “Believe you can & you’re half way there” so I just had to design a wee print to pop up! you can see it tucked just under my shelf… above the picture of one of my cheeky smalls.13646657_995037000595572_1493491142_o

And it has quite clearly done the trick – I am already feeling more in control, focused, and back on my path… so much so I decided to design some stationery because I couldn’t find a “pretty” magazine holder… so I doodled my own! Ikea to the rescue again, I bought a plain white magazine holder and I went to town with a fine liner lol…. I can’t tell you how much fun I had, I was absolutely in my element. I think a creative person is the child that survived, give me a plain white box and a pen and watch how happy I get just “doodling” 13606822_1085371564854227_913633758439121388_n

You can see the full doodle over on the facebook page as I did a wee video when I finished it.

So thats me, I’ve had my meltdown, threw my tantrum, and now I think i’m back on track. Will I have another wobble? probably? but who cares – wobbles make us human right.

Till next time,

Happy hooking guys, Love Lisa xx


Colour me happy!

Some of you will know that I’m a graphic designer as well as an indie dyer… So it won’t surprise you when I tell you that sketching has always been very important to me…. It’s my ‘me time’ My dad is a lithographic printer so some would say that being ‘arty farty’ is in the genes 😉 

I was very much in need of a destress, what with our sons chronic illnesses, looking after the other two smalls, running the business, trying not to forget my better half in the process…. Stress was overflowing! So I started to doodle…. And would you believe my doodles involved yarn!!! Must be a subconscious thing lol 😉 I had grabbed a sketch book (one of many) and a derwent graphic pen and I doodled… I thought of nothing in particular, I just let the images come out! 

This was image one! Look balls of yarn!  

I continued to doodle, sharing my images on our Facebook page FTLOY and the response was amazing! I hadn’t given much thought to how these images would be viewed because they were for me, they served no other purpose than to help me to relax. However being a massive adult colouring book fan it didn’t take long for my mind to wonder to how I could create a yarn related book… Who would even want such a thing? I thought, I was of course naive to thing nobody would because let’s face it anything about YARN and we are all hooked right? Lol! 

So the excitement grew and I was loving being able to have a “real” guilt free reason to sketch… That’s another thing about FTLOY, it’s little old me who does 90% of the work. Yes I have an amazing hubby who I couldn’t cope without who does his best to help, and I have an assistant who is worth her weight in gold but when it comes to business decisions, dyeing yarn, making hooks, making notions, packing orders, updating the shop, answering emails, networking….. The list could go on and on…. That’s all me! On my tod! So I find it a real struggle to switch off, I rarely take an actual day off, and if I’m doing something that isn’t business related I feel ridiculously guilty! Like I should be working… To give you an idea I am writing this blog post from my iPad while sitting in my baby daughters room singing twinkle twinkle while she refuses to sleep! (Yes the concept of not working is somewhat lost on me) So the sketching and the colouring book designs are my guilty pleasure, I’m working but it’s my me time… Win win 😉 …. And yes I know this an unhealthy work life balance and I promise I’m trying to improve 😉

During this lovely creative process about mid way through the book I’d say, our son took a turn for the worse and we ended up being admitted for a week (he has PSC, UC and AIH… Which will mean nothing to most but it makes him a very poorly Wee man at times, but that is a post for another day) … The reason I tell you this is because these sketches saved my sanity! At 3am when your watching endless beeping monitors and constantly checking your sons temp the distraction was very much needed.


Our wee trooper being brave!
So the sketches are growing in numbers and I’m having a ball drawing yarn/fibre/crochet/knit related images… I could actually do it all day! Here are some more:  


The book is very close to being finished so I’m going to be opening up a discounted pre-order list for those lovely followers who have been such an amazing source of endless support 😉 so if you want to be in with a chance of bagging a discounted copy then make sure to follow the action over on the Facebook page FTLOY

I’ll leave that here for now, I could genuinely go on about this for days! I’m so so excited about this, not only is it my guilty pleasure but it also holds such an emotional attachment for me so I can’t wait to share it with you all, and who knows I might soon offer up prints and other arty farty concoctions soon too so watch this space.
Bye for now and Happy hooking xx

Wonder wonder Wonderwool !

We set off at 5am!! yes that the other 5 o’clock most of us never see…. we were on our way to Wales, by we I mean me and the lovely Phyllis from Rosebuds and Rainbows, which is no mean feat from bonny Glasgow – it was 8 hours to be precise! Anyone who ever says we are not dedicated to our craft is wrong lol. Car jam packed with goodies Wonderwool here we come!

This is what 7:30am looks like from service station stop number one 😉

Having never exhibited at Wonderwool before, or even visited in fact, to say I was excited was a bit of an understatement! So I thought I’d give you a wee run down of our weekend for those of you who either didn’t make it along or have never been, to give you an idea of the type of show it is.

Wonderwel is a lovely show dedicated to all things yarn/fibre/sheep/knitting/crochet/spinning…. you name it it was there. Lots and lots of lovely stalls filled to bursting with everything us Yarn Addicts need… it was a bit yummy! Not that I got to see much of it mind you as I was firmly planted on our stall chatting with lots of lovely people who came to say hi. After our very long and tiring journey down it took us a good while to set up (mainly because the screwdriver we had for our grid wall was next to useless but thats another story) but once I had finished moving stuff from one place to another only to then put it back we were done! Set up good to go …. well apart from having to then pitch a tent for us to sleep in on site lol. – yes we camped! well in actual fact I say camped but after we attempted to sleep (none was had) in a tent in minus degrees weather where there was ice on the outside of your tent!!! We finally relented and bought a duvet the next day and slept in the 7 seater car lol…. so we semi camped in my book!


All set up and ready to do this!

I was quite happy with how we had set up our stall but boy did I learn some lessons along the way… like make sure your screwdriver fits between your grid wall bars, and to pack EVERYTHING …. yes Lisa you needed that hole punch you said you wouldn;t have a need for (queue me running to find a steward to beg steal or borrow a hole punch from)

That is a very good point in fact, Wonderwool is an amazing show in terms of staff! The stewards were such a lovely bunch, very helpful and friendly.

The show itself was great, not too frantic like other shows (Yarndale for instance) enough people to make it a great show but not too many that you couldn’t stop to chat to everyone, which lets face it is why I go to shows! I predominately want to chat to you all, hear about what your working on, see how your FTLOY purchases are working up. Being a mainly online business makes it a lonely one sometimes so shows are sometime the only chance we get to put names to faces and really interact with all you lovely lot!

I did manage to steal away while the ever lovely Phyllis manned the fort to get some pictures to show you all… i’ve popped them into this wee slideshow. I could have taken many many more but much like every other show I was distracted by the squishy things.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of my favourite stalls was The crochet project because I was very excited to see Kat and Joannes new book! I’ve known Kat for a while and have always loved the stuff her and Joanne create. I managed to grab Kat for 5 mins to talk shop and to grab a pic! i’m not a scary stalker, she really is that lovely that she’s happy to pose on queue for the mad red headed jock!

Excuse the very tired face of myself, This is me and Kat…. zero sleep in minus degrees whilst camping will do that!

Not only did I manage to chat to Kat, I also got to finally meet the lovely Verity from Truly Hooked who was just so lovely! I’m now the proud owner of a set of TH badges that are going on my WIP bag.

I could go on and on about all the lovely stalls and the people we met but I have prattled on for long enough – we had a fantastic weekend, albeit we froze to death! but learnt our lesson… more layers! many more layers!… Those of you who were thinking of making a weekend out of it and popping down to Wales for the event, then I can highly recommend it. Especially if you just live for your Love of Yarn… see what I did there! lol – i’ll leave you with this view, we actually stopped our car to grab this shot on our way home, I have an almighty fear of heights and this was taken after we drove round what can only be described as a cliff face! yes i was green… as green as this grass, and I was driving like a pensioner – sorry to all those behind the mad Glaswegian driving through the Valley.


Bye for now – and happy hooking, Lisa x

Girly Day out!


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.40.36



We are off to smoosh!

Today was a much needed chill out day with the lovely Phyllis of Rosebuds and Rainbows, we were off for a girly day to smoosh all the yarn at Edinburgh yarn festival . Those of you who don’t know I am based in bonny Scotland, Glasgow to be precise, and with most yarn related festivals being down south we were very excited to have one on our doorstep! Sadly we were both put on the waiting list of exhibitors as the event was so popular but that in actual fact worked in our favour as we were able to go along as visitors and really get a chance to smoosh and ooo and ahhh over all the lovelies without the stress of exhibiting.

So here is a wee recap of the festival for those of you who didn’t make it along! Edinburgh Yarn festival is held in the Corn Exchange, a beautiful building tucked away on the outskirt of the city, so close enough for transport but far enough out to not be too swamped with tourists and the hustle and bustle of the main city. The event was well organised and everything ran relatively smoothly. My only critique was that all the vendors were very much knitting focused… in fact me and Phyllis found one solitary crochet booth! which made me a little sad but there was plenty of yarn to soon cheer us up!

So who was our favourite I hear you ask? … well how long have you got? There was far too many to choose, from the fabulous Spin City through to my all time fav Easy Knit we had a ball chatting and networking with everyone. I met so many fantastic people, people like Victoria from Eden Cottage Yarns, Coop knits, Skein Queen, Janie Crow, The Yarn Garden… the list goes on and on… I would suggest having a look at the list of vendors if I was you as there was so many good ones!

So time for some pictures because lets face it thats what we all want to see isn’t it…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is sooooo much more I could have taken pictures of but I was a little pre-occupied with all the yarny loveliness!! It really was a fab day… what did I buy? well I sadly only made one solitary purchase and that wasn’t because I didn’t see anything I liked… far from it… but as an indie dyer with a studio full of yarn I think my hubby would have had something to say if I came back laden with more lol… so I bought some absolutely stunning hand spun yarn from the fabulous Louise from Spin City! Louise is a lovely girl I first met at Yarndale when we were exhibiting last year, she’s a beautiful fibre artist who if you don’t know about then you really should! Go check her out!

The beautiful Louise from Spin City

I bought this stunning yarn and immediately cast on a cowl as soon as I got home! doesn’t it remind you of mermaids!!!!


And lastly but certainly not least … I got chatting to Easy Knits… my all time favourite indie dyer! Imagine my excitement when he told me that he too was a graphic designer just like little old me and that he worked in the magazine industry! Again just like me!… so I couldn’t help but get a pic of us together… The fact that he had his wip in his sporran had nothing to do with it what so ever of course! lol


So there we had it! A fabulous day out, oodles of noodles of squishy yummy yarn, amazing company, and the weather even behaved … which is no mean feat for Scotland! So those of you thinking about going next year then make sure you do! Its a fantastic event.

Bye for now 😉 Happy Hooking!

Love Lisa xx


Hello lovely people!! Here is the blog post about the new Yarn Clubs as promised …

Ok so last years Blanket club was a huge success, so much so that I have developed two more for this year… yes because i’m clearly not swamped enough as it is lol! This was last years club (see below) where people creates lots of yummy squares each month to create a beautiful rainbow blanket… as soon as people start to send in their finished pics i’ll be sure to add them to the blog, I am so excited to see them all come together as a lot of people decided to choose their own layouts so each one will be unique and equally wonderful! I can’t wait.

blanket club

This year I am running Blended Ombre, and Seasons of Change, both Yarn Clubs are based on a subscription based account (however there is no minimum sign up, so if you choose to drop out then all I ask is for 30 days notice)- you sign up to receive a lovely box of squishy yarn every month, hand dyed of course, delivered to your door…. who doesn’t love yarn deliveries right? The clubs are slightly different from each other in that Blended Ombre is worked in stripes and Seasons of Change is a Graphgan club…. confused? Don’t panic.. here is more about each club in depth.

Blended Ombre:

Sign up to receive a box of hand dyed loveliness exclusively dyed for club members to co-ordinate and blend together month by month – Create a beautiful piece of crochet fabric to use as an oversized stole or blanket depending on your box size – pattern included! This club is suited to those of you who don’t want to make lots of squares, the piece is worked stripe by stripe, so it continually grows with you throughout the year.
ombre instagram

Choose your yarn base and the size of your box: 

Single box – 100g of yarn, 2 colours per month – £20 plus postage
Double box – 200g of yarn, 4 colours per month – £32 plus postage

Depending on box size you can create a piece that is approx 50″-70″, although that can vary depending if you follow the included pattern and your tension of course –  the pattern is nice and simple to let the yarn sing!

This club runs for 9 instalments.

Seasons of Change:

This graphgan based blanket club is one i’m very excited about!, each month you will receive all the yarn, graph and pattern you will need to create one large square so once completed you will have a stunning blanket made with luxury hand dyed merino yarn to cherish for years to come. The club will run for the whole of 2016, giving you a lovely blanket by next Christmas. I have lovingly designed lots of beautiful graphs just for this.
seasons of change fb ad

You will receive all the required yarn each month, each month will vary depending on how many colours are required, the finished blanket will be approx 75cm x 100cm (before blocking and without border – so a lovely size to snuggle under, created using pure 100% merino hand dyed yarn so super cozy – all for just £36 per month plus postage

On top of all that …. yes I really am a bit nuts… throughout the year there will also be Sock Clubs – where you can sign up for that months sock box – receiving 100g of sock yarn in an exclusive colour way for club members only, plus a pattern and extra goodies. These clubs will run as and when I can squeeze them in and when the notion takes me – they are perfect for the newbie sock maker (as I myself am only just learning to knit them) but they are also great for the more experienced among  us. Available in both crochet and knit they are goodies not to be missed, so keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook Page for when those bad boys are open for sign up.

OK… I think thats enough to digest for one day 🙂 i’ll be back soon with maybe some tips and tricks or some showcases.

Lots of yarny love

Lisa xx